Using a Magic Item

Each magic item has one or more magical properties that it imparts to its user when properly held, wielded, or donned. How a user activates the item’s properties varies from item to item.

Worn: Many items must be worn to gain their benefits. A suit of armor must be donned, a shield strapped to the arm, a cloak fastened about the shoulders, a ring placed on a finger, and so on. Simply carrying around an item that’s meant to be worn is not sufficient to gain its benefits.

Wielded: Most magic weapon properties apply when the weapon is used in combat. A weapon might have properties that are useful when the item is drawn or held.

Action Activated: A magic item that falls into this category requires an action to activate. Potions, scrolls, and many wondrous items fall into this category.

Some item properties not only take an action to activate, but also require the item’s user to speak a command word or phrase. The command word or phrase must be spoken in an area where hearing is possible.

Consumable: Some magic items are used up when activated. Many consumable items are also action-­activated items. Once activated, a consumable item loses its magic and no longer functions

Special Activations: Sometimes a user must do something special to activate a magic item, as indicated in the magic item’s descriptive text.

Using a Magic Item

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