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  • Rapid Enchantment

    At 16th level, you gain the ability to cast your enchantments more swiftly. When you cast an enchantment spell of 1st level or higher that has a casting time of 1 action, its casting time becomes swift.

  • Alter Memories

    At 20th level, when a creature is charmed by a spell you cast, you can alter the creature’s" understanding so that it is unaware of the fact that you cast the spell on it and therefore perceives its charmed behavior as nonmagical. Additionally, once …

  • Extra Attack

    Beginning at 5th level, you can attack one extra time whenever you take the attack action on your turn. If you haven’t used your whole move for the turn, you can move between your attacks.

  • Fast Movement

    Starting at 5th level, your speed increases by 10 feet while you are waring light armor, medium armor, or no armor.

  • Feral Reflexes

    By 7th level, your instincts are so honed that if you are surprised while you are conscious, you can take a turn during the surprise round if you enter your rage at the start of that turn.

  • Brutal Critical

    Beginning at 8th level, whenever you score a critical hit with a melee attack, roll one additional weapon damage die when determining the critical hit’s extra damage.

  • Relentless Rage

    Starting at 11th level, if you are raging and you drop to 0 hit points and don’t die, you can make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. If you succeed, you drop to 1 hit point instead. Each time you attempt this saving throw after the first, before …

  • Simmering Rage

    Beginning at 15th level, your rage is such that you have to end two consecutive turns without being attacked or making an attack for your rage to end early.

  • Primal Might

    Beginning at 19th level, the minimum total for any Strength check or Strength saving throw you make equals your Strength score.

  • Death-­Defying Rage

    At 20th level, while raging, you do not fall unconscious due to dropping to 0 hit points, but you still have to make death rolls while at 0 hit points. In addition, it takes six failures on death rolls for you to die. If your rage ends while you have 0 …

  • Path of the Berserker

    You follow the berserker's way, and thrill in the chaos of battle, your wrath uncontrollable. Concern for your own safety is lost in a red frenzy. You can work yourself into a rage so intense that it becomes a state in which you are without fear. h4. …

  • Sneak Attack

    You know how to strike to take advantage of a foe’s distraction. When you attack a creature and hit, you can deal extra damage to that target if you have advantage against it or if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it and that enemy is able …

  • Expertise

    Choose up to four of your skill or tool proficiencies. You gain a +5 bonus to any ability check you make that involves those proficiencies.

  • Cunning Action

    Starting at 2nd level, your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly, so you can take a second action on each of your turns. This action can be used only to disengage, hide, or hustle.

  • Ritual Casting

    You can cast any mage spell as a ritual if you have the spell in your spellbook and the spell has a ritual version. To cast a spell as a ritual, you must add 10 minutes to the spell’s casting time, during which you undertake a prescribed ceremony that …

  • Arcane Tradition

    When you reach 2nd level, you choose an arcane tradition to focus your magical studies. Three arcane traditions are detailed at the end of the class description. The arcane tradition of wizardry is ancient, stretching back to the earliest mortal …

  • Wizardry School of Enchantment

    You know how to magically entrance and beguile other people and monsters. Some enchanters are peacemakers, who bewitch the violent to lay down their arms and the cruel to show mercy. Other enchanters are tyrants, who spellbind the unwilling into their …

  • Thrown-­Weapon Master

    You can throw darts, blades, and other hand-­‐ held weapons with surprising deadliness. You gain the following benefits: * You gain proficiency with all thrown weapons. * Attacking at long range doesn’t impose disadvantage on your ranged attack rolls. …

  • Action Surge

    Starting at 2nd level, you can push yourself beyond your normal physical limits for a moment. On your turn, you can take an additional action. If you do so, you must complete a short rest or a long rest before you can use this feature again. …

  • Second Wind

    You have a limited well of stamina that you can draw upon to protect yourself from harm. As an action, you can gain temporary hit points equal to 1d6 + your fighter level. These hit points can exceed your hit point maximum, and they cannot be regained. …

  • Stealthy

    You are expert at slinking through shadows. You gain the following benefits: * You gain low light vision. * You can hide when you are lightly obscured from the creature from which you are hiding. * You gain proficiency in the Stealth skill.

  • Totem Spirit

    h4. Totem Spirit Your totem spirit is an animal that resonates with your ancestry and mythic past. Pick a totem spirit and gain its feature. At your option, you also gain minor physical attributes that identify your totem animal to an observer. …

  • Druid Spell List

    h4. Cantrips * [[Druidcraft | Druidcraft]] * [[Fire Seeds | Fire Seeds]] * [[Guidance | Guidance]] * [[Read Magic | Read Magic]] * [[Resistance | Resistance]] * [[Shillelagh | Shillelagh]] h4. Level 1 Spells * [[Animal Friendship | Animal …

  • Spell Mastery

    At 18th level, pick a 1st—level mage spell and a 2nd—level mage spell. You can cast the lowest—level version of those spells at will. By spending 8 hours in study, you can change one or both of the spells you chose to different spells of the same …

  • Player Character Class

    [[Barbarian | Barbarian]] [[Bard | Bard]] [[Cleric | Cleric]] [[Druid | Druid]] [[Fighter | Fighter]] [[Mage | Mage]] [[Monk | Monk]] [[Paladin | Paladin]] [[Ranger | Ranger]] [[Rogue | Rogue]]

  • Stunning Strike

    Starting at 5th level, when you score a critical hit on a creature, you can try to stun the creature. The target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw (DC 8 + your Wisdom modifier + your proficiency bonus) or be stunned until the end of your next …

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