D&D 5th: Demon Tower of Madness

Amputation & Darkness

Nefarian Bullweiler...


After an unknown amount of time, you regain consciousness. Amazingly, nobody in the party is harmed seriously. It is dark.

You can now see the room is destroyed, and while the stairs that brought you into the room lie under tons of rock and rubble, a rough passageway in the north wall reveals a way out, underground. Various bottles and glass equipment lie smashed upon the floor. The liquids within them ┬Ěhave spilled across the floor, and are beginning to mix and bubble ominously. The room is filled with a misty haze, though from dust or the potions it is difficult to say.

Adventures Completed: 900 Experience Points Weekly Check-in +10% or Preorder & Weekly Check-in +20% | 990 or 1080

Adventuring Company Members Present
Elise Pensri
Praeclara Duivel
Seris Equitas
Sir Belimar of the House Jaelre
Thain Graniteforge



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