+3 Frost Brand

Intelligent Talking Long Sword

weapon (melee)
+3 Frost Brand – Intelligent Talking Very rare magic weapon (+3 long sword)

Damage: 1d12 + 1d6 Cold Damage

Property [Attuned]: The blade of this long sword is constantly rimed with frost and ice, and its hilt is wrapped in white leather. When it is drawn from its scabbard, nearby fires gutter, and a plume of condensing air steams from the weapon’s surface.

Property: You gain a +3 bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls you make with this weapon. On a hit with this weapon, you deal 1d6 extra cold damage.

While you have this sword drawn and in hand, you have fire resistance.

While drawn and in hand in freezing
temperatures, the sword also sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for 10 feet beyond that.

Finally, once per hour, when you draw this weapon, you can choose to douse all nonmagical flames within 30 feet of you.



Property [Attuned]:

+3 Frost Brand

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