Forever Stone

Forever Stone


The Forever Stone is a roughly spherical chunk of opalescent white stone with an astral diamond core. It feels lighter than it looks and attracts metal to it like a weak magnet. Within its shiny surface, the holder can see reflected images of past trials and triumphs.

The Forever Stone’s power of longevity allows its owner to survive for however long it takes to stamp out evil in the world. Few of its previous owners had the fortitude to stick it out that long.

The stone grants longevity to its owner by halting the natural aging process. But if the stone is lost or given away, all those lost years are quickly visited upon its previous owner, resulting in sudden rapid aging. The individual must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or die, with a +1 modifier to the DC for every 50 years aged.

In addition to its primary power, the artifact allows its owner to cast each of the following spells once per day: cure serious wounds, death ward, and divination.


The adventuring party travel from there not yet stronghold to the city of Hommlet to sell the Forever Stone found in the bowels of Mines of Madness to one of the town’s custodian Rufus. Upon entering the town of Hommlet the party meet up with a fellow adventurer Narkareth.

After much haggling the party found them self with no gold profit, but how ever manged to acquire materials and skilled labor to complete there small keep with in 30 days.

Forever Stone

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