Ostler Gundigoot

The Innkeeper of the Welcome Wench


The innkeeper is Ostler Gundigoot, always found bustling about the place along with his goodwife, their two daughters, a serving wench or two, and a pair of potboy apprentices.


Ostler Gundigoot opened the Inn of the Welcome Wench shortly after the Battle of Emridy Meadows more than twenty years ago. In the old days, he was an important figure both in the militia and in general town administration. The Inn of the Welcome Wench quickly grew in reputation as a place of great comfort and quality, but one whose patrons should expect to pay well for the excellent service and fine food and lodging.

Nowadays, Ostler takes it easy. His heart is weak, and his daughter and wife attempt to shelter him from any great excitement or surprises. Ostler’s daughter, Vesta (female human Com1, noncombatant), runs the day-to-day activities of the inn, maintaining the same quality and fair-minded practices that her father established when it first opened. She is exceedingly friendly and warm, making the inn a welcome and homey place for all.

Ostler Gundigoot

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