D&D 5th: Demon Tower of Madness

Zuggtmoy and the Orb of Golden Death

It is Gary Gygax Day! Double EXP day...


Today is Gary Gygax Day! With this day dedicated to one of the founding father’s of Dungeons & Dragons every one at todays game gets double experience. If you could not make it like Fred you receive 500 × 2 = 1000 Experiance!

Adventures Completed: 6,500 Experience Points (3,200 × 2 = 6,500) (Weekly Check-in +10% or Preorder & Weekly Check-in +20%) 1300 or 650

Adventuring Company Members Present
Elise Pensri
Grognak “Mother of Goblins”
Praeclara Duivel
Seris Equitas



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