D&D 5th: Demon Tower of Madness


The adventuring party travel from there not yet stronghold to the city of Hommlet to sell the Forever Stone found in the bowels of Mines of Madness to one of the town’s custodian Rufus. Upon entering the town of Hommlet the party meet up with a fellow adventurer Narkareth.

After much haggling the party found them self with no gold profit, but how ever manged to acquire materials and skilled labor to complete there small keep with in 30 days.

Upon traveling back to there soon to be strong holdGrognak & Narkareth were waylay what is thought to be wandering Lizard Men skeletons. Narkareth found him self almost mortally wounded & was rescued in time by his new companion Grognak

The manged to stumble there way back to grounds of there not yet entered tower & made began making preparations to clear and fortify their newly gained tower.



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